St. Patrick’s Day

Well, hello my readers. This is my FOURTH BLOG and I am really excited for this one. Now, I know that I was showing you guys all the fun places to go hang and eat with your friends in Columbus, but this is a special weekend. This weekend I am traveling up to Savannah, Georgia to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

During this weekend you want to wear green everyday. Last year was my first experience in Savannah for St. Patrick’s weekend and I never wanted it to end. The people and the atmosphere is great. The people are friendly and everyone is down there for the same reason, to have fun and just enjoy life.

Now, in Columbus they will be celebrating downtown and at different bars and restaurants St. Patty’s Day, but if you have the funds to get away for the weekend, just drive 4 hours up to Savannah and embrace the culture.

They have a parade with different organization and soldiers marching. All the restaurants will be serving green beer for you to enjoy. If you go down the cobble stair case to River Street, you will see different beer vendors having little parties setup with a DJ booth and people having dance battles.


If you decide that you want to explore Savannah with your family instead of friends, there is a pavilion that has a concert with different genre of music playing, children running around with face paint, and parents trying out all the different types of food being grilled and BBQ.

St Patricks Montreal

So cash out your pot of gold and head down to Savannah and make sure you wear green, before you are pinched by thousands of people.

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