I hope you guys are ready for this post. After you watch my video you are going to be drooling. If you have a sweet tooth, your whole mouth will be aching once you see the homemade chocolate and ice cream.

So the place that I went to this week is Kilwins. It is a new chocolate store that is located in downtown Columbus. When you walk in the first thing that hits you is the smell of the chocolate and waffle cones being made.


When you are walking downtown and you see the display window with one of the workers making some many different sweet treats, there is no way you can walk by without going in and grabbing something.



This wonderful store also sells homemade ice cream that you are allowed to have nice samples of. The Kilwins Track ice cream is to die for. Not only does the ice cream melt in your mouth, but your pockets stay happy because they are reasonably priced.

If it is a hot sunny day, if you are having a not so good day, or you are just craving some sweets, just make your way down to Kilwins. I promise you will not regret it.

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