To begin this blog, I am sorry to all my readers that are not 21. You guys just wait for next week, the blog will be for people of all ages.

The Hooch is a very popular bar downtown. It has not been open as long as some of the bars downtown, but it has definitely become one of the number one spots to go to.


The atmosphere there is fun and energetic. It is a place where you and your friends go to if you are trying to find a place that is chill, plays great hip/hop and rap music, and you know that people will be dancing.


The workers at the Hooch are very nice, and interact with their customers, which is great. Once you step foot into the bar, you and your friends are going to close the bar down. You are not going to want to leave and wish you just had another hour to party and have fun there.

They are open during the week and on Thursdays they have Karaoke open to everyone of age. They have really good drink prices that will not be hurting your pockets.


On the weekends if you do not get there early enough you might be waiting outside of a few minutes because they will be at maximum capacity pretty quick.


They have a live DJ and wonderful bartenders and shot girls willing to make the crowd of people happy. If you guys ever need to find me and it is a Friday or Saturday night you should check the Hooch because you know that’s where I will be.

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