Legendary Food, Legendary Service

My first blog post (WOOHOO)

Now, one of the first places I want to talk about is Texas Roadhouse. Not only do I work there, but I pretty much live there because the food is just that great. Before I applied I would go at least twice a week because the food and service you receive is phenomenal.

The restaurant were established on February 7, 1993. Kent Taylor opened the first store in Clarksville, IN. He did not just want to have a family restaurant or a steak house, but a place for all ages to have great food, fun, and great prices.

img_1748 Personally, I am a steak man. I can eat rib-eyes and filet all day.  The best thing about Roadhouse other than the legendary service is that you can throw peanuts on the ground and not get yelled at for it.

From the birthday singing, to the coldest beer in town, to the delicious fresh baked bread, the atmosphere and the experience is definitely an experience that everyone should receive.

They have the best happy hour specials Monday-Friday and even an Early Dine special Monday- Thursday.

If you have not had Texas Roadhouse yet, I am very disappointed in you and after reading this sentence, you need to be on the way there now.


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